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Posting DatePositionJob TypeWork Location
24 May 2019Principal/Senior Solution ArchitectPermanentWRS Corporate Office
21 May 2019Veterinary Keeper (Part-Time) - Jurong Bird ParkPart TimeJurong Bird Park
21 May 2019Veterinary Keeper (Part-Time) - Singapore ZooPart TimeSingapore Zoo
16 May 2019Membership Officer - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
16 May 2019Assistant Manager, Events & ProgrammingPermanentWRS Corporate Office
16 May 2019Assistant Director, Innovation LabPermanentWRS Corporate Office
16 May 2019Driver (6-Month Contract)ContractSingapore Zoo
14 May 2019Senior Executive, HR Business PartneringPermanentWRS Corporate Office
10 May 2019Assistant Director, Events and ProgrammingPermanentWRS Corporate Office
03 May 2019Product Graphic DesignerPermanentSingapore Zoo
03 May 2019Admin Assistant (6-mth Contract)ContractSingapore Zoo
01 May 2019Junior Keeper, Carnivores - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
01 May 2019Junior Keeper, Primates - River SafariPermanentRiver Safari
01 May 2019Trainer/Presenter (Part-Time) - Singapore ZooPart TimeSingapore Zoo
01 May 2019Junior Keeper, Herbivores - Night SafariPermanentNight Safari
29 Apr 2019Senior Executive, Pest Control (6-months Contract)ContractSingapore Zoo
18 Apr 2019Senior Manager, Exhibit DesignPermanentWRS Corporate Office
12 Apr 2019Senior Executive, F&B- Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
01 Apr 2019Executive, HorticulturePermanentSingapore Zoo
28 Mar 2019Assistant Director, Safety & SecurityPermanentSingapore Zoo

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