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Posting DatePositionJob TypeWork Location
18 Sep 2018Receptionist (Part-time) - Singapore ZooPart TimeWRS Corporate Office
17 Sep 2018Senior Technician (Rides) - River SafariPermanentRiver Safari
14 Sep 2018Vet Keeper (Part-Time)Part TimeJurong Bird Park
13 Sep 2018Principal System AnalystPermanentJurong Bird Park
13 Sep 2018Driver (Part-Time) - Singapore ZooPart TimeSingapore Zoo
11 Sep 2018Veterinary Keeper (Part-Time) - Jurong Bird ParkPart TimeJurong Bird Park
07 Sep 2018Junior Keeper, Avian - Jurong Bird ParkPermanentJurong Bird Park
07 Sep 2018Service Leader, Membership & Ticketing (Singapore Zoo)PermanentSingapore Zoo
07 Sep 2018Service Leader - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
07 Sep 2018Executive, F&B - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
06 Sep 2018Membership Officer - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
05 Sep 2018Senior Executive, Park Operations - River Safari / Jurong Bird ParkPermanentJurong Bird Park
04 Sep 2018Membership Officer - Jurong Bird ParkPermanentJurong Bird Park
31 Aug 2018Director, Park Operations & SecurityPermanentSingapore Zoo
31 Aug 2018Junior Keeper, Herpetology - Singapore ZooPermanentSingapore Zoo
31 Aug 2018Driver (6-Month Contract)ContractSingapore Zoo
31 Aug 2018Endocrine Technician (Part-time) - Singapore ZooPart TimeSingapore Zoo
30 Aug 2018Senior Service Leader, Tour OperationsPermanentJurong Bird Park
30 Aug 2018System AdministratorPermanentWRS Corporate Office
30 Aug 2018Assistant Manager / Manager, Organisational LearningPermanentSingapore Zoo

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