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Advertised on: 18 Sep 2022

Mandai Wildlife Group is dedicated to caring for the planet and protecting animals and nature. Conservation education is intrinsic in all interactions with the Group, to inspire action for a healthier world.


Mandai Wildlife Group is the steward of Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a unique wildlife and nature destination in Singapore that is home to world-renown wildlife parks which connect visitors to the fascinating world of wildlife. The Group is driving an exciting rejuvenation plan at Mandai Wildlife Reserve, adjacent to Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve, that will integrate five wildlife parks with distinctive nature-based experiences, green public spaces and an eco-friendly resort.


Mandai Wildlife Group advocates for biodiversity, contributes leading wildlife research, develops innovative solutions to promote living sustainably, and collaborates with conservation partners in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


The Group provides funding and in-kind support to Mandai Nature for conservation work across Southeast Asia.


Mandai Global, an entity that is part of the Group, will establish and operate new lines of business anchored in creating positive outcomes for nature and wildlife.


We are building a world-class product ecosystem, with the end goal of transforming our engagement with families globally, and to become a relevant everyday brand. This will be achieved through the development of a suite of digital and phygital inter-connected consumer products that will delight families in and beyond our wildlife parks, to fulfil our Planet, People and Performance goals.


You will be part of the team that will dream, shape, develop and deliver the overall product vision and roadmap. You will lead our latest addition to the ecosystem, and be responsible for a key phygital experience product in park that interweaves digital and physical interactions and gamification, while creating immersive experiences that families can enjoy repeatedly in and beyond our parks.


Passionately charting new frontiers to bring Mandai & Wildlife closer to the hearts of every Singaporean child and to the world.


We are seeking a Product Owner to join our team to lead the design and development of our in-park immersive phygital experiential product and programme for families with kids that fuses physical and digital experiences, with eventual extension to an online to offline to online experience beyond the precinct.  From the design of the interactive experience and gamification, we want to create a sense adventure and achievement while leaving our children and parents delighted and craving more. At the heart of our collective ambition is to inspire love for wildlife and spark a sense of wonder in every child, nurturing them to become future ready global citizens who are responsible stewards of our earth. Reporting to the Vice President (Emerging Products) this role will undertake the following responsibilities.



Main Duties and Responsibilities:

·       Define the future of the in-park phygital experiential product, programme and user experience, testing new concepts and assessing the desirability, feasibility and viability.

·       Build out the online to offline to online experience beyond the precinct

·       Manage project and budget approval process and progress updates to key stakeholders, board members and senior management.

·       Drive the overall project management, including on-boarding the creative and technology partner, and working cross functionally across multiple teams to achieve all milestones across concept and design, development and delivery of the phygital experience.

·       Be a champion for the end users – deeply understand, document, analyse and synthesize user needs into product priorities, roadmap plans and detailed specifications

·       Oversee product roadmap planning and execution throughout the Product Lifecycle, including concept development, gathering and prioritising product requirements based on the product vision, and key business objectives and OKRS.Plan and facilitate creative ideation session(s) with key stakeholders to drive feedback and innovation for the product.

·       Prototype and validate concepts using agile and design thinking methodologies within your unit or partner with cross functional leaders and teams to co-create the concept, design, execution

·       Facilitate discussions with stakeholders for collaboration (and clearances) on operation and administrative processes, design integrity, as well as technical feasibility and stability

·       Identify and remove blockers and manage partners against our scope and ensure that deliverables are of high quality and completed on time and budget.

·       Managing the overall finances and budget for the projects.



·       6+ years professional experience in overseeing and delivering phygital products and experiences (i.e. products and experiences that seamlessly fuse digital and physical spaces, e.g. mobile app for museums, interactive experiences and games, physical spaces with digital content programming)

·       Proven track record in leading projects in creative technology, physical attractions, events and programming with interactive digital experience and gamification, product management and ownership

·       Strong skills around cross-functional collaboration, influence and communication; ability to achieve clarity and drive focus in complex and dynamic context

·       Ability to drive long-term business strategy and short-term product goals

·       Demonstrated technical proficiency and effectiveness in leading projects and working closely with designers and developers, on premise vendors and contractors

·       Familiar with physical interactive installation design and development processes end-to-end and able to identify technical and production limitations

·       Able to oversee and manage multiple work streams, identity and remove any blockers, monitoring external vendor resources to ensure that they are aware of expectations and able to fulfil their roles/tasks on time, on budget

·       Creative problem solver who has is able to amplify the impact of lean resources.

·       Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to influence through persuasive verbal and written communication.

·       Familiar with scrum and agile methodologies

·       Familiar with user testing and research methodologies

·       Experienced in designing a product with gamification elements


Your attributes:

·       You are meticulous with details and champion the customer guest experience

·       You thrive in a setting of ambiguity, and can organize multiple threads into a cohesive story

·       You are an orchestrator and have the executional prowess to manage multiple vendors, aggressive timelines, and stakeholders

·       We are on a journey to build our dream together, and there will be plenty of ups and downs on our innovation startup journey. If you have the heart, courage and resilience to join us on a roller coaster of an experience, this role is for you!

·       The world is on the brink of the 6th mass extinction and global warming is already rearing its head. If you want to do your part to preserve a habitable earth for future generations, this role is for you!






Specialization : Others
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 6
Work Location : Corporate Office